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Our store is based in the downstairs of an old needle factory, in a small market town. We buy from local makers, old-fashioned homeware companies, and friends we've met along the way. And 'home' is more than a concept to us.

Our paths have been varied and tumultuous, but from the start, we have been bonded by the way we feel about home. When we began to plan our business, we knew this had to be at the heart of what we did. Not just a homestore, but a place to share the warmth, the rest, the good times that home had always meant to us. And that's what we did. We made a 'Good Times Homestore'.

The Good Times Homestore is a helpful home and lifestyle store, run by husband and wife, Will and Emily, from their Lewes shop and their seaside workshop.
The business operates as a dual model. The woodworking and design studio, Perrymans Fine Woodworking, is sister company to the home and lifestyle shop, The Good Times Homestore. At the shop you can view and buy current ready-mades, discuss bespoke projects, and fill out commission details forms. We run workshops on Sundays and weekends, and open our space to hire for individuals and businesses looking for a creatively-styled and bright venue.