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One to Watch - Sarah's Film Recommendations - Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words

Each month, Good Times' resident film critic, Sarah Smyth, chooses a hotly anticipated film for our readers. For August, she picks biopic-documentary, Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words.                       I begin this month with a confession: I have always wanted to be Swedish. They are simply the best at everything. They have an extremely high standard of living. They produce excellent pop music. They have the best gender equality in the world. They have a six-hour workday. They have the hottest men. They have coffee and cake twice a day. And the produce the best movie stars. So perhaps I am slightly biased in picking this month’s film (although committed readers...

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In Praise of Laziness

Today is Saturday. It is beautiful outside - the kind of beautiful where rare, significant memories are made. Pulling myself out of bed this morning to go to a place that is indoors felt as profoundly wrong as asking myself to choose salad over chocolate; it's just not the way a right-thinking person behaves.  And so, when I finally turned the key in my shop's front door, I was, not insignificantly, late. Guilt rumbled in my belly as I prepared my good mornings. I had imagined a bustling building, with my shop the only one in darkness. I was wrong. One by one the lights in the other shops and services flickered on - the building waking up as lazily...

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A Colourful Present

Sophia is a new Lewesian; in her regular column she muses on life and style in this idiosyncratic little town of ours. Read more about Sophia here.   (Spring blossom, found close by to Lewes station) Spring and a young woman’s fancy turns to… colour. Suddenly the beautiful muted charcoals and sables of the winter feel heavy and near claustrophobic, I am craving pale green and storm cloud blue, pollen yellow and the mauve of the dawn sky. Although the near miraculous leap from the endless rains of winter has definitely got something to do with it, I think it is also in part due to the colourful nature of Lewes itself. ‘Colourful’, now there’s a word. Oft a polite...

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One to Watch - Sarah's Film Recommendations - I Am Belfast

Each month, Good Times' resident film critic, Sarah Smyth, chooses a hotly anticipated film for our readers. For April, she picks the lyrical and poetic documentary, I am Belfast.   Spring is a strange time for film. While most associate it with renewal and rebirth, this season’s release of film tends to be a rather stale and lacklustre affair. Exhausted from all the back-patting of the Academy Awards but not quite ready for the energy of the big-budget franchises released in the summer, spring is a cinematic limbo. How refreshing, then, to be offered Mark Cousins’ beautiful documentary, I am Belfast, a love letter to the titular city and the filmmaker’s hometown. Like the season in which his film is released,...

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Friday Thoughts {On Growth}

We have a tasty little bombshell of news to share with you, dear readers. ***WE'RE MOVING!*** Our building is having a musical shops moment. Our botanically inclined neighbour, From Victoria, is movin' on upstairs, and we'll be filling the not insignificant shop space left by her. We'll be DOUBLING our square footage, and picking up a second entrance onto the street in the process. There's a whole lot of excitement going on right now about new displays, new directions for stock choices, not to mention the thrill at the prospect of painting our new front door (does anyone else find front doors surprisingly emotionally loaded? Potentially not. Let's put a pin in that for another post). In addition to our...

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