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In Praise of Laziness

Today is Saturday. It is beautiful outside - the kind of beautiful where rare, significant memories are made. Pulling myself out of bed this morning to go to a place that is indoors felt as profoundly wrong as asking myself to choose salad over chocolate; it's just not the way a right-thinking person behaves. 

And so, when I finally turned the key in my shop's front door, I was, not insignificantly, late. Guilt rumbled in my belly as I prepared my good mornings. I had imagined a bustling building, with my shop the only one in darkness. I was wrong. One by one the lights in the other shops and services flickered on - the building waking up as lazily as I had done. I was reminded of the town in which I work - Lewes is a wonderful place for so many reasons, one of which being its steadfast independence. Unusual and surprising, Lewes and its inhabitants are not types to acquiesce to norms for the sake of norms, and timekeeping is just one such example. And this got me to thinking; perhaps we've been placing too much value on timeliness, and too little on laziness.

There is something sweetly delicious to oversleeping, to cancelling evening plans only to watch bad TV and eat snacks, to lying on the grass rather than mowing it. There is work to be done, but as with all things, moderation is key. 

If you're reading this, you are probably quite aware that it has been a little while since we updated our online presence - we've got reams of gorgeous new things waiting to go live, and splendid and clever blog posts from our regular contributors, not to mention an exciting new development which we're keeping quiet about for now... We're proud of the work we've been doing - and can't wait to show it you! But right now we are mid wedding-prep (we're making this thing official in a matter of days!), alongside keeping our Lewes store ticking along and fully stocked with useful and carefully sourced home goods (keep an eye on our instagram for updates on new arrivals + old favourites), and in Will's case, working on some really quite beautiful commissions. All in all, we've been busy, but when it comes to this online space (which we love so much, and through which have made so many wonderful and valuable connections), well, we've been lazy. Guilt was my first port of call, but as that isn't going to get the work done any quicker, I'm going to try another tack. We'll get there. And in the mean time, I'm going to relish this laziness; the sun is out, the skies are blue, and there is grass to be lain upon.


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