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Friday Thoughts {On the little things}

Here is a description of my weekday:

Wake up at 6.30. Be grumpy all the way up until Will has driven us to the gym. Listen to Beyonce's Flawless on repeat until I'm awake, by which time it's time to leave the gym. Drop Will off and drive to my shop. Turn on my laptop. See other people's food. IMEDIATELY NEED THAT EXACT FOOD.

Honestly, it drives me. Intermingled with occasionally selling useful and carefully sourced home goods, my day is just one long quest to find the obscure food choice that I've decided upon at 10am that morning.

Here is a list of some of my previous exploits: An artisan almond and chocolate croissant the size of a baby. Pad Thai. A tremendous chocolate, chocolate and chocolate (aka triple chocolate, but iterated three times for an accurate description) cupcake, with what was essentially another cake on top made of rice crispies and chocolate, and topped with a chocolate egg. A plate of fried things including eggs, bacon and halloumi. Tiny chinese pies. Turkish salad made of all the types of grains that exist. A fistful of marshmallows.

It is one of the great regrets of my life that shopkeepers don't do lunch meetings (due to the fact of their having to be in their shops, keeping them, in order for their careers to be really viable).

I think this is why, this month, I wanted to write a lil sumin' sumin' about food. Maybe this will be a regular feature about what good times means to us (maybe not; time will tell). We named this business after the outlook we wanted it to represent, and pleasure in the little things (or not so little, as in the case of the croissant), is a major part of that.

Sometimes it's a lovingly hand-thrown pot, sometime it's the feel of woven cotton against your skin, and sometimes it's a really massive cake. You gotta take 'em as they come.

What are the little things that make your day good? Have you too eaten a massive cake today? I wanna hear about it (in that shiny new comments section below)!


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