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Kirsty's Recipe Round Up

Each month, Kirsty rounds up her favourite recipes for our delectation. This month Kirsty shares some comfort inspiration for this very English summer.

I started this month full of hope for long summer days filled with ice cream and fruity cocktails, but the weather seems to have had different ideas! As I write this it's cold, wet and miserable so I'm craving comfort food more than light, summery treats at the moment!

One of my favourite recipes of this month brings back memories of summer holidays whilst still feeling comforting on a rainy day. I was lucky enough to holiday in France most years as a child and, whilst there are a multitude of French culinary treats to try, it was always brioche that I looked forward to most. This brioche recipe from Angela at Patisserie Makes Perfect has got me longing for a lazy breakfast of bread and jam in the sun!


If you've never tried it, brioche is a rich, buttery and slightly sweet bread that tastes just as good on it's own as it does smothered in raspberry jam.  As with any homemade bread, it'll leave your kitchen smelling incredible and tastes perfect when it's still slightly warm from the oven! I'm planning on enjoying some exactly like that this weekend!


Fancy some more sweet bread recipes to whet your appetite? Why not try one of these:

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