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MAKE//FRIENDS #4 Frida and Sophia Floral Design

(photo credit to Jess Withey Photography)

I've lost many hours to scrolling through social media discovering new and innovative creative businesses -it's always so exciting to see people risking it all to turn their craft into a trade. With their stunning online gallery of work, Frida and Sophia Floral Design is one of my recent favourites. As with the best designers, their work is tailored to each client. But you can see a preference for the eclectic in their work that lends an air of high fashion to their whole aesthetic; it is equally well-placed on the aspirational moods boards of Pinterest as it is on the buttonholes of a wedding party. I caught up with the girls to learn a little more about their inspirations, and the practicalities of running a client-based creative business. 


Floral Design is such a varied field nowadays. How would you describe your work?

Our work has varied over the years depending upon the type of floristry we’re doing. We thought we had a certain style, relaxed, eclectic and romantic. However, as we’ve continued through floristry we have taken on new challenges that have meant we’ve been able to work with materials that we didn’t imagine we ever would and incorporated these into our designs, which have given a different look, but still we feel with the Frida and Sophia stamp.

Your online portfolio displays a fantastic array of projects. You seem to be comfortable working in both traditional styles and with more on-trend approaches (I'm particularly enamoured with your succulent boutonnieres!). Do you have a preference for classic or modern design in your work?

Modern design has many different qualities, it can be very structured or it can be opulent and vivacious. We certainly prefer the latter, but our designs do have a mix of the two, lots of texture and working with the different materials to create natural lines and movement.

What do you listen to while working?

Radio 1 all the time! Sometimes if we’re working late on a Saturday and it starts getting too techno heavy, we might switch to Spotify, in which case who knows what it might be!

Congratulations on the recent opening of your flower shop! How have you found the transition from freelance florists to bricks and mortar businesswomen?

Working as freelance florists and particularly specializing in weddings our work was quite restricted. Now we have the shop, we are able to work on all types of designs for different occasions. We are now able to welcome people into the shop and having a separate room upstairs for consultations is lovely. 

Floral design often demands a particularly high level of collaboration between makers and clients. Is this something that you enjoy?

With our general day to day customers and the couples that we produce wedding flowers for, there’s always a huge amount of job satisfaction. Particularly with our couples that we work with from the initial consultation through to the bridal delivery on the morning of the wedding, this is always a lovely part of the job, when you see the bride’s reaction. All those months of planning have paid off.

Do you have a favourite piece?

This is a really hard question as there are a few pieces we love and we might both have a different piece.  Certainly one that stands out was the mixed foliage and floral piece we did for a photoshoot (featured at the top of the page). We included some unsual foliages and plant materials including artichoke, together with more tropical varieties of flowers which don’t normally feature in our work.

We're asking all of our MAKE//FRIENDS makers what techniques they have for when they get stuck in a rut. What do you do to get inspired when you're up against a creative wall?

Pinterest and Instagram are amazing tools, not only for us but for our wedding couples too. Full of inspiration and real time wasters! By following other renowned florists and creative businesses we are able to make sure we’re aware of any trends coming through and incorporate them into our own work in one way or another.

Describe your ideal Sunday for us.

A long dog walk (ideally with no rain) followed by an easy afternoon with the family, then a slow cooked roast dinner accompanied by a lovely glass of red wine!

You can see more of Frida and Sophia's work over on their website.

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