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May Make-Along // Stencil Doormat DIY Tutorial


One of my favourite things about decorating our home is the little touches that can completely change the look of a room. I mentioned recently how adding houseplants to our bedroom totally altered the space, and simple things like changing up the storage or adding different textiles can make a huge difference too. Our porch area/entrance hall has been pretty neglected since we moved in, so this is a DIY to help start the process of styling that area. 

A plain doormat (available from most hardware shops, we bought this one), outdoor/waterproof black spray paint (this is what we used), scissors, painters/masking tape and an image of your stencil shape. We used Antrokas font (which you can download here), and our initials. We found an antler shape we liked on google images, and scaled it up to an A4 size. It's also helpful if you have a handful of pins (don't actually hold them in your hand - sharp!).

Cut out your stencils, and begin the process of pinning down (this can be pretty lengthy, but it's worth getting right to end up with a sharp finish).


 When the edges of the stencil are neatly pinned down, fill in all the other gaps with scrap paper and painters tape. Make sure every gap is covered!

Give your spray paint a good ol' shake and start spraying! (definitely the best part of this DIY).

Always give a good few hours before peeling the back the stencil to avoid smudges. 

That's it! We were so pleased with how this one turned out. Have you tried this DIY? Tell us about it!



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