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April Make-Along // Pom Pom Basket DIY Tutorial

Pom Poms are a big problem for me. Since picking up a set of pom pom makers from ebay last year I've been finding ways of popping a pom pom on just about everything. It's just so satisfying! All in all however, I would suggest caution; some things just don't benefit from pom poms, (although if i'm really honest with myself I can't think of a single one). I've been lusting over some of the fiesta inspired pom pom home decor on pinterest lately, and thought it was probably about time for a super speedy Make-Along - you can fit this DIY in in less than an hour.

You'll need: Any kind of basket (charity shops are a pretty fail-safe source for old baskets, or you could use our very own Souk basket), three types of wool, scissors and a pom pom maker. 

 Open the pom pom maker and start to wrap the wool around one side.

 When you've filled one side of the pom pom maker with a thick covering of wool, shut it and snip the end.

 Do the same for the other side.

Cut the wrapped wool through the middle of the two parts of the pom pom maker. Using a short length of the same wool, tie a strong knot where you have cut.

 You can now open the pom pom maker and separate it. Et voila, one messy pom pom!

Give it a little tidy with the scissors. Repeat the process for your other pom poms.

 Push the long bits of wool through the gaps in the basket, and tie a knot to keep in place.

 Cut off the edges, and give the basket a little tidy with the scissors.

Lay back and enjoy your little bit of fiesta-inspired home decor! Have you tried this? Tell us about it!

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