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March Make-Along // Copper + Terracotta Succulent Pots DIY

This month I did the unthinkable and bought a can of copper spray craft paint. Since then, very little in our home has remained untouched. It's a bit like living inside a coin purse. You live and learn. A positive result of this new addiction has been this awesome succulent pot DIY. So so easy, and super satisfying; I've been all kinds of excited to share this Make-Along with you.

You'll need: One can of copper craft spray paint, painters tape (you could use masking tape, but this is a little thicker and stronger, helping you to avoid any messy lines), terracotta pots (these little beauties were only about 50p a pot!), and succulents! I actually picked up all of my supplies from our local homebase, and a very helpful lady helped me find these sweet little succulents. Good job homebase, good job.

Tape off your pots. I created three different designs, but you can do absolutely anything. Most important is that you make clean, well stuck down lines with the tape. 

SPRAY! This is just the most satisfying thing ever. Be careful to make short, swift sprays, rather than going overboard. You can always add more coats later. I added three coats, and gave the pots a good 48 hours to dry. (This is a quick drying paint - so you really don't need to do this, but you can be confident that you won't make a mess if you err on the side of caution).

Peel away the tape and plant your succulents! (You can see some wet splashes where I was a little overzealous with their first watering. Maybe water less than this).

Line 'em up!

 These little beauties now take pride of place on our landing windowsill. Have you tried this DIY yet? Let us know!

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