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February Make-Along // Yarn Wall Hanging DIY


On the whole, crafts that make me feel like a seventeenth century witch lady are pretty much top of my list for a Sunday activity. Conveniently, this wall hanging adds a really beautiful and colourful touch to our otherwise pretty minimal home. After a good few months of lusting after the wide and varied yarn wall hangings on pinterest, I opted for a no-weave design, with colours that roughly matched our scheme at home. We really loved this DIY, and some of the smaller, more textured designs (as featured on our favourite pins here) are on the back burner for another day's project. This style however is mad simple, and a really easy way to add an eclectic edge to any room.



Get your yarns together.

The nice thing about this DIY is that you can choose the style to match your home. I used a variety of textured and coloured wool, all picked up from that heavenly craft goods provider, hobbycraft. You'll also need a branch. No strangers to foraging, we found this in the woods behind our house. I gave it a sand down and quick polish, but you could equally leave it a little more rustic.


Cut lengths of yarn.

You're going to cut them down later, so just cut them to roughly the same length for now.

 Loop the yarn round the branch like so.

And pull tight.



Once you've finished tying your yarns, hang the wall hanging where you're going to display it. From here you can see how long you're going to want it to be. Cut accordingly.

We wanted a geometric edge on ours, but you can do pretty much anything you like!

Addictively simple; this DIY is definitely one for the lazybones out there. Have you tried this? We'd love to hear about it!


  • Monique

    I had the pleasure of attempting this last Sunday. I used a piece of driftwood and left my yarn sections uncut and textured. I knotted some pieces together as well as placing shells and an amethyst onto some of the yarn . Such a great idea and can be individualised so easily to suit personal taste. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • kim

    This is so lovely. Just wondering if you had to dry the branch first or just sanded and polished it. Thanks

  • Emily

    Hi Brooke! It was a lot of trial and error i’m afraid. The lovely thing about this make is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look beautiful.

  • Emily

    That’s an awesome idea Emily! I think the wooden beads would look great white a neutral colour pallete.

  • BRooke

    How did you cut the yarn accurately after it was on the branch?

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