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Monthly Make-Along // Concrete Vase DIY

We've been eyeing up various concrete DIY's for a while now - I just love the industrial tone it adds to any room. This Concrete Vase Make-Along is inspired by a couple we saw on some of our favourite DIY blogs HomeMade Modern and Handmade Charlotte (the tutorial vids on HomeMade Modern are really top notch). We opted to make two single stem vases and one to hold a whole bouquet.

You'll need some quick setting concrete (a just add water mix is best!), a couple of screws, a drill, a knife, a dowel or pen for single stem vases, a bunch of empty bottles, and some sandpaper to finish.

(For the bouquet vase). Cut down one of the larger bottles to the height you want your vase to be.

Place a smaller bottle inside.

Use a couple of screws to fix the two bottles in place.

(For the single stem vase). Drill a hole in the lid of the bottle you want to use for your vase. Push the dowel or pen through as deep as you want the stem to stand.

Mix up your concrete and pour (ours was three parts water to one part mix, but make sure you check the packaging).

Leave to set overnight, even for quick drying mixes.

Simply cut away the plastic bottles and feast your eyes on your not-so-shiny new concrete vases! We gave ours a quick sand, but left them pretty rough and ready. If you like a more polished finish, simply polish more.


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