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Monthly Make-Along // Christmas Wreaths

Baubles at the ready, it's about to get festive in here...

It's the most crafty time of the year, so we were pretty spoilt for choice when trying to pick something to DIY for our very first make-along. Luckily, Emily is a sucker for a floral project, so it didn't take much for her to get her secateurs out.

This is such a straightforward DIY. You need a wreath frame, (we used a rattan one that you can pick up from hobbycraft for £4), secateurs, and floristry wire. Oh, and all that lovely foliage too.

First things first, get yo foliage together. (It helps if you can make friends with a gardener - shout out to our main man Tim!). We found some beautiful yew branches that made up the majority of our wreath, and used some olive and bright orange berries for our focus points. Check the leaves for  damage and separate into piles.

Make a base. Push the branches into the wreath frame, wrapping the floristry wire as you go. Don't overdo it with the wire, most of the support is already there in the frame.

Once you have a base layer of foliage, start to fill. We carried on using the yew, but you can change foliage at this point if you want more colours.

At this point our cat interrupted the wreath-making process. What are you gonna do?

Take photo's. We took photo's.

Create focus points. We used the olive to add another tone to the foliage, and the bright orange berries to give the wreath some festive cheer. Carry on wrapping the wire as you go.

Give it a trim, and pull in any rogue branches with the wire. When you're happy, simply knot the wire or make a loop for the wreath to hang from.

Et Voila! Festive dressing for your door. Lucky thing.

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